Yacht Staging

You sell your boat, you want to bring him a second youth ...

Our International team is at your disposal to accompany you in the makeover of your home.

Architect, decorator, designer are at your disposal to advise you in your project.


The YACHT STAGING is the extension of "HOME STAGING" to the world of yachting. It consists of highlighting a boat using a few tips and often little investment for an optimal realization of its sale.

Most of the time the owners are very attached to their boat and are convinced that the sale will be a simple formality. The reality is a little different. The market is very competitive.

The YACHT STAGING makes it possible to highlight your yacht and eliminating the elements which could slow down the sale for generally "3 to 5%" of the selling price !

YACHT STAGING benefits :

  • Complete exterior cleaning (Teak, Stainless steel, Polyester, Windows, Handrails ...)
  • Treatment of small scratches or drips (Polish)
  • Touch up engine paint
  • Complete interior cleaning (floors, carpet, bathroom, kitchen, ...)
  • Cleaning the holds
  • Accessoirisations (cushion, trinkets, ...)
  • Depersonalization (removal of personal effects, lightened decoration ...)

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