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What is Renovation / Refit?

The yacht refit profession consists of renovating, repairing and modifying yachts to restore them or improve their performance. This can include refurbishing interiors, upgrading electronics, painting the hull or installing new technology.

Diwo Yachts Saint Tropez yacht refit professionals work closely with yacht owners to ensure that modifications meet their specific needs and requirements.

This is a specialist field in which Diwo Yachts Saint Tropez has the technical know-how and in-depth knowledge of maritime safety and navigation standards.

Diwo Yachts Saint Tropez will design the refit of your yacht based on the following aspects:

1. Initial assessment: Before starting any refit work, it is essential to carry out a full assessment of the yacht's current condition. This includes a thorough inspection of the hull, mechanical systems, navigation equipment, interior, etc.

2. Planning: Once the initial assessment has been completed, a detailed plan for the refit should be developed. This includes defining the owner's goals, selecting the materials and equipment to be used, and creating a realistic work schedule.

3. Dismantling and preparation: Before making any alterations or repairs, it is often necessary to dismantle and prepare certain parts of the yacht. This may include removing interior fittings, preparing the hull for painting, or replacing faulty components.

4. Repair and modification work: Once the yacht is prepared, the actual refit work can begin. This may involve hull repairs, structural modifications, upgrades to navigation and communication systems, or cosmetic improvements.

5. Finishing and quality control: Once the main work has been completed, careful finishing and rigorous quality control are essential to ensure that the yacht meets the highest standards of safety, performance and aesthetics.

It is important to note that yacht refit is a complex process that requires technical expertise, an understanding of marine regulations and attention to detail.

It is also an undertaking that requires effective communication between owners, designers, engineers and craftsmen to ensure that the client's needs are fully met.

Diwo Yachts Saint Tropez has complete control over all the parties involved, and we can assist you every step of the way.

Submit your project to us, and we will bring your yacht to life.

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